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Deborah Latz – sur l’instant

That’s been done before, so let’s try a different approach. One can imagine vocalist Deborah Latz having that thought on her mind as she culled material for sur l’instant (June Moon Productions, 2015).

The set was recorded in Paris with French musicians Alain Jean-Marie, piano; and Gilles Naturel, bass. There are a few standards among the nine songs, but mostly, Latz took songs that are often overlooked by singers.

Latz delivers an earthy rendition of “Weep No More.” The music was composed by Dave Brubeck, with lyrics by his wife, Iola Brubeck. Latz sings in a conversational style, with some lines delivered more like rhythmic dialogue, peppered with inflections for emphasis. The crooning is saved for the chorus.

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