Robert Christa – Nightflight To Rio

NightflightToRioBorn in Dillingen / Donau 1961 pianist and composer Robert Christa goes own musical paths. Since his youth, he is on the search for true beauty in music and waived it at times also on old patterns. This applies equally to his compositions as well as his solo piano which he stepped up lately. So a signature style evolved throughout his mostly self-taught musical creation.

Music that can be classified roughly between jazz and classical music. Where he uses neither the rigid structures of jazz nor classical. Robert Christa it understands Soulful “bring over” during his performances both simple and complex harmony and melodic structures. “And I like to improvise for life. This creates my musical freedom. I then let me again even surprise what comes here, “said Christa.

In addition to the solo game Robert Christa has also written a number of titles in the Smooth Jazz range and compositions for piano and cello, all of which are available on CD. His newest project is Nightflight To Rio, available at

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