Randy Scott – Serenity

SerenityWith gold, platinum and multi-platinum records to his credit as well as invitations to perform for two US presidents, gifted saxophonist Randy Scott emerges once again from the studio with a long awaited new project that is sure to add to his long list of musical accolades. Perfectly straddling the worlds of Gospel and Jazz, Scott has found a strong voice in both genres and with Serenity his 6th studio album, his flair for conjuring up compelling musical portraits has never been more evident.

Gracefully and effortlessly moving between the tenor, alto and soprano Scott has a complete mastery of his instrument and his flavor is robust and satisfying. Whether it s throwing down the funk on tracks like Funky Enough or gentle atmospherics like Mellow Flow this collection of musical sketches is fully satisfying, presenting a ride with great dynamic flow covering a variety of moods and vibes. Enlisting once again the supporting help of many of his long time Detroit collaborators the CD boasts a strong sense of cohesion with the interplay carrying the day. Serenity is more than the title implies, it signals that Scott has found peace in and with the gift that he has been given and presents his gratitude through this new collective inviting you to come along as his journey continues. Top notch!

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