Lin Rountree – Soulfunky

Chicago based trumpet player Lin Rountree started his solo career in 2006 with the album Groovetree, followed by Sumthin’ Good (2008), Soul-Tree (2011) and Serendipitous (2013). Soulfunky (2015) is his fifth album and the second for CutMore Records. His new project is supported by many label mates and fellow musicians.

Lin is the master of groove. How he handles his trumpet on Wish It Was is more than funky. He doubles his instrument with clever overdubs and creates the accurate harmony. With Julian Vaughn on bass and Nicholas Cole on keys he improves the song and pitch the ball in the centre of the strike zone.

Pushin’ On written by Nate Harasim presents guitarist Nils in a powerful solo, however Lin is really perfect in drawing the notes like a trombonist. On Just Know It bass and trumpet melt to an irresistible vibe. Detroit fellow citizen Demetrius “Krayon” Nabors aptly creates magic on ivory and ebony.

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