Flip Philipp & Renato Chicco – Face to Face

Face to FaceThe Hammond organ and the vibraphone are arguably the two warmest and most viscerally satisfying instruments ever played in a Jazz context (or any context, for that matter). It is disappointing, but perhaps not so surprising, that so little documentation exists of the two playing together. The Hammond and the vibes actually emit very similar tonal ranges, textures, and tamburs. While the mechanics of each instrument are completely different, at the heart of both lie devices if not of similar function, then at least of similar shape and concept: the rotating tone wheels that create the actual sound of the Hammond, and the rotating discs controlling the vibrato speed of the vibraphone.

Both can also be played dry (without vibrato – and just to be clear, the Hammond’s vibrato is not controlled by the tone wheels, but by various independent vibrato settings). But these related attributes make a successful duo performance an even greater challenge. As with piano and guitar – the two are chordal instruments with both accompaniment and solo capabilities. The tendency could easily be to overplay and crowd the music. But in this case, you have two extremely mature, sensitive and highly creative musicians whose collective wealth of musical knowledge and experience is successfully and delightfully brought to life here, within this unique and demanding setting.

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