Slow – Songs For Everyone

Some of you will know the Polish group Slow by their debut album Art of Silence (2011). Tomasz Kaczmarczyk (guitar) and Krzysztof Wermiński (piano) are the founder of this formation. Their new album is entitled Songs For Everyone and this is serious.

Some new musicians are joining the project꞉ Marcin Rak on drums and Kamil Pełka on electric bass, the singers Jagoda Jahga and Anna Ozner, and a string quartet from Wroclove’ Opera House! The album takes a first run with Workaround. The melody is lead by Leszek Szczerba’s soprano sax and delivers an intimate chamber piece in the style of Fourplay.

Jak dużo features singer Jagoda Jahga. Due to the language barrier the meaning of the song eludes me. But everything sounds captivating and the instrumental bridge is just perfect. The third song Nie znaczy nic means translated It does not mean anything. Vocalist Anna Olzner provides local color with her mellow vocals. Leszek Szczerba’s soprano sax and Tomasz’ acoustic guitar round up the emotional impression. With Metropolitan the band returns to the cool atmosphere of a capital city.

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