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PLS Trio – East River

The initials of the leader form the name of the PLS Trio. A penchant for merging soft music with something edgy, the group releases East River (Echo Chamber Music, 2015).

The trio is comprised of Pier Luigi Salami, piano, effects and synths; Martin D. Fowler, electric bass and synth bass; and Shawn Crowder, drums, percussion, electronic drums and percussion.

“Yellow Is Not Just a Color” opens the set. It begins with the piano playing a looping melody. The cymbals and rim shots change from steady to something off-beat. Ultimately, a fuller sound emerges, with the bass and various effects. The song settles into a steadier rhythm, with the drum kit locking in the pace. Salami cranks up the heat, at times tickling the keys with high-speed focus.

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