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Tony “Guitar” Copeland – Waterfalls

WaterfallsTony “Guitar” Copeland is a Smooth jazz artist from Portsmouth, VA who currently resides in Houston TX. The Waterfalls CD project was produced by Tony “Guitar Copeland” with assistance from Grammy award winning, Felton Pilate II co-founder and current member of famous R&B group ConFunkshun.

The two collaborated on CD tracks “I Just Want To Let You Know” with Pilate producing and writing the music and Copeland providing the lyrics, lead vocals and guitar. Pilate also wrote and produced horn parts for tracks “Peaches” and “Looking Back”. This gifted, talented and smooth visionary has creatively intertwined his very own music with the most tragic heartfelt lessons of his life to inspire others in which the harmony of both brings forth Life, Peace & Love & Music.

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