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Dario Boente – Limelight

Electronica is not necessarily a friend to jazz audiences. However, when played with the dexterity presented by pianist Dario Boente and merged with acoustic stylings, the result can be positive. That’s the approach to Boente’s Limelight (Circular Moves / Sunnyside Records, 2015).

Boente employs a variable cast in small ensembles. For much of this date, Antonio Sanchez handles drum duties. A different combination of players assist throughout.

The title song begins the set. It’s a tranquil, easygoing piece. Boente complements his piano play with use of keyboards, vocoder and additional programming. Those elements add a haunting mood to some passages. His accompanists are subtle, yet effective. Most noticeable among them are Sanchez’s cymbal splashes and a brief moment when the bass emerges.

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