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The Golden Project – Seven Sense

Seven SenseThe Golden Project Group was established in the autumn of 2010 by Tony Zlatanov and Emil Pehlivanov. The band started as a trio, but soon after it expanded to a quintet. Their music is being described as a very interesting symbiosis between Pop, Jazz and Soul. The current formation includes Dimitar Liolev (saxophone), Martin Tashev (trumpet), Tony Zlatanov (vocals and piano), Dimitar Karamfilov (double bass) and Emil Pehlivanov (drums). The famous Venezuelan percussionist Roberto Quintero, who has performed with some of the most renowned names in the world of jazz, also takes part in the “Seven Sense” album. Other local guest musicians are Dimitar Shanov (bass) and Alexander Lekov (bass).

The Golden Project’s jazzy sound is a very challenging symbiosis between Jazz, Soul and Pop. Catchy melodies and superb arrangements define an ultimate music experience. It provokes your seventh sense and all you need to do is to let the music guide you. Taste it at CDBaby.