Lawson Rollins – Traveler

Acoustic guitar and Latin jazz, that embodies Lawson Rollins. His solo albums Infinita (2008), Espirito (2010), Elevation (2011) and Full Circle (2013) are all about this instrument. His new album Traveler (2015) makes no difference.

Grammy-winning violinists Mads Tolling and Charlie Bisharat, Randy Tico (bass), Dave Bryant (drums & percussion) and Cameron Stone (cello) form the core of the creative team. Big Bad Voodoo Daddy members Scotty Morris, Joshua Levy and Karl Hunter drop into the recording as brass addition.

Rollins radiates with the first song Traveler so much happiness, that one is immediately infected by this joy of life. Traveling is fun, while making music the greatest. In the full Rollins spills over on Barcelona Express. A virtuoso of the Spanish guitar, he thrilled with his fire. The French Savoir Vivre is reflected at Cafe Paris.

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