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Katie Thiroux – Introducing Katie Thiroux

Vocalists coming onto the jazz scene often dip into the well of the American Songbook, remaking classics that have been remade ad infinitum. One thing that sets this newcomer apart from that newcomer is the presentation. Introducing Katie Thiroux (BassKat Records, 2015) makes a distinction in that Thiroux isn’t just a vocalist fronting a band of jazz musicians. She is a musician.

Thiroux plays bass and sings. Her accompanists are Roger Neumann, tenor saxophone; Graham Dechter, guitar; and Matt Witek, drums.

The first track is a take on the Rogers and Hart composition, “There’s a Small Hotel.” Thiroux charms as she revisits the classic. Dechter is subtle underneath but clearly in the moment. He gets to stretch out a bit during the instrumental break. The sax sits this one out.

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