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Tineke Postma / Greg Osby – Sonic Halo

Often with small ensembles, two horn players would have different families of instruments: a trumpet and a saxophone, or a sax and a trombone, for example. Things get a little different when the two leaders play the same instruments. That’s the approach taken by Tineke Postma as she brings in Greg Osby for Sonic Halo (Challenge Records, 2014).

The musicians are Postma, alto and soprano saxophones; Osby, alto and soprano saxophones; Matt Mitchell, piano and Fender Rhodes; Dan Weiss, drums; and Linda Oh, bass.

“Sea Skies” has an appropriate, tranquil, placid vibe. The leaders both play soprano saxes with overlapping phrases, interchanging leads. The subtle play by the rhythm section adds to the haunting quality of the piece. After the structured opening, Postma and Osby trade licks, going off in abstract patterns. One can visualize time-lapse photography of clouds moving overhead while waves crash below.

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