Dan Siegel – Indigo

Indigo is the color of blue jeans. As intense as this color is the expressive music of the gifted pianist Dan Siegel. With his 20th album, he has introduced much of his rich musical experience.

As with his earlier works Siegel has again collaborated with bassist Brian Bromberg, who co-produced the album and also brought in his bass. Further participating musicians are Bob Sheppard (sax), Allen Hinds (guitars), Will Kennedy (drums), Craig Fundyga (vibraphone) and Lenny Castro (percussion). Additional musicians shared the recordings on single tracks.

The title of the first track To Be Continued signals the continuity to his earlier albums. With Alan Kaplan (Euphonium), Stan Martin (flugelhorn) and Stephanie O’Keefe (horn) Siegel provides an orchestral background, which reminds atmospherically of the music of Pat Metheny.

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