Jonathan Kreisberg – Wave Upon Wave

A single wave on the shore is connected to the deepest parts of the ocean. People are connected to their ancestors who fought to survive, and many of whom traveled to other lands for a better life. Guitarist Jonathan Kreisberg combines these thoughts for Wave Upon Wave (New For Now Music, 2014).

His sidemen are Rick Rosato, bass; Colin Stranahan, drums; and Will Vinson, saxophone. Pianist Kevin Hays sits in on a few tracks.

The title song opens the set. Kreisberg plays layered tracks, one setting two pairs of step-down chords in a 3/4 rhythm, the other the lead. Guitar and sax blend on the melody of this calm, soothing piece. After the initial offering, the two instruments briefly share the step-down rhythm before Kreisberg takes off on an adventurous jaunt. The subliminal message is that of artists – singers, songwriters, musicians – moving to a new country by sea. They follow in the footsteps of those who preceded them, the waves representing each new generation of hope. Hays joins the quartet for this and three other tracks. His solo and some intense background work by Rosato and Stranahan complete the package.

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