Eric Schugren, Vin Scialla, Brian Charette, Mike DiRubbo – Wake Up!

No need for a group name. Just credit all members of the quartet, as each has his own distinct career as a band leader or sideman. They are Eric Schugren, tenor sax; Vin Scialla, drums; Brian Charette, Hammond B3 organ; and Mike DiRubbo, alto sax. The group presents Wake-Up! (Liftoff Records/Prime Directive Jazz, 2014).

It’s the debut album in a collaboration between Schugren and Scialla. The effort is a blending of the traditional organ trio and contemporary, “World Jazz,” expression.

The set begins with Jackie McLean’s “Appointment in Ghana.” The song opens slowly, brooding. It then shifts into high gear. The two saxophones carry the melody, at times with overlapping phrases. Charette stretches out with some adept stick work by Scialla to support him.

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