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Earl Carter – Simplicity

SimplycityWashington, DC, based guitarist Earl Carter regularly release solo albums as No Frettin’ (2002), 495 (2005), My Paradise (2007) or Project X (2009). He already recorded with Marcus Johnson, Bobby Lyle, Jaared, Alyson Williams, Spike Lee, John Tillery and also performed with Nick Colionne, Bob Baldwin, Mike Phillips, Freddie Jackson, Michael Lington and a lot more.

On his latest release Simplicity he performs a lot of covers as testified by editor Ronald Jackson. “Leading off with Slave’s “Just a Touch of Love” and spanning the spectrum of sounds from gospel to rock, Carter also does justice to such tunes as Hilsong’s “From the Inside Out,” the late R&B legend Billy Stewart’s “Sitting In the Park,” John Legend’s “Green Light,” William Becton’s inspirational “Be Encouraged,” and offers a scorching version of Prince’s classic “Purple Rain.”

Simplicity is available as download at