Paula Atherton – Ear Candy

Ear CandyPaula Atherton has loved music all her life and first became active in grade school in the chorus as well as picking up flute in fourth grade. After getting an alto sax in her teens, her attention turned to jazz. Paula began playing with bands in all of these styles and eventually began leading one of her own – usually backed by a rhythm quartet but occasionally with percussion, a trumpet and background vocalists on the sweetest gigs. Paula’s actual first CD Let Me Inside Your Love, a compilation of several different kinds of things she’d been recording in her early years, was completed in 2001 but not promoted until 2004. She considers her second release, Groove With Me, to be her official first CD.

Today Paula’s embrace of life is even more fortified as reflected in the music of her latest release Enjoy The Ride (2012) and beyond. Paula even dipped her toes in the waters of movie music creating a smoky score of sax and upright bass only for the 2004 actor’s life documentary The Definition of Insanity. Now you can await her new album Ear Candy, which will be released on February 17, 2015. Pre-order your copy at

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