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Tony Saunders – Appaloosa

His life can be overridden by “too busy for a solo career”. Bass player and producer Tony Saunders has worked and recorded for a plethora of musical legends such as Eric Clapton, ABBA, Ringo Star, Joe Sample, Chaka Khan, and many more.

Like a whale hits the surface, appeared from time to time a solo album. He Lifted Me Up was an anointed Gospel album in 2005, followed in 2011 by Romancing The Bass. Finally in 2014 he pleased us with his album Appaloosa.

Bassist Saunders shares recording duties with Matt Clark and Sylvester Burks (piano, strings, synthesizers), Bill Hampton (guitar), Darian Grey, Big Ed and Dante Roberson (drums), Angelo Luster (sax), Fred Ross, Sakai (vocals) and many more.

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