Robert Bitte – January Blue

January BlueThe album concept came into being the night of the Polar Vortex in Chicago, Illinois Jan 6th, 2014. The eve of Robert’s birthday, Jan 7th. No heat in the apartment and using the oven to warm up, he wrote Polar Vortex A Chill piece if there ever was one. Supermoon was inspired by the event Aug 10,2014. Shannon Song dedicated to his girlfriend who has survived everything life has thrown at her. If you have ever been out in a snow squall where the snow was as big as snowballs, then you have been Snowflaked. The Trans Siberian Orchestra was the inspiration behind Talking Sticks. Who says sticks can’t talk? If driving in an ice storm, you will quickly find out the Price of Ice. The cd cover art, January Blue, denotes a leaf frozen in time letting you know that you must believe in spring.

Robert Bitte offers you January Blue at CDBaby.

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