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Tommy Igoe – The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy

The word “conspiracy” often has a negative connotation, as it usually relates to high crimes plotted or carried out by multiple persons. However, the word simply means a plan developed by two or more. It’s put to positive use by the new ensemble, The Tommy Igoe Groove Conspiracy (Deep Rhythm Music, 2014).

The Groove Conspiracy band consists of Tommy Igoe, drums, programming; Dewayne Pate, bass; Colin Hogan, piano; Drew Zingg, guitar; Louis Fasman, lead trumpet, flugelhorn; Steffen Kuehn, trumpet, flugelhorn; Dave Len Scott, trumpet, flugelhorn; Nick Ciardelli, trumpet, flugelhorn; John Gove, lead trombone; Jeanne Geiger, trombone; Mike Renta, bass trombone; Marc Russo, alto and soprano sax; Tom Politzer, tenor sax; Alex Murzyn, tenor and alto sax; and Aaron Lington, baritone sax. A few guest conspirers appear on selected tracks.

Guest conspirator James Genus holds the bass for the opener, “Mercy, Mercy, Mercy.” The horns and the wah-wah guitar highlight the main theme, with Igoe getting his licks in during transitions. Russo’s alto sax squeaks, squeals and rolls through a blistering middle. After the band revisits the theme, changing keys several times, Politzer offers a brief tenor solo. The mood and tempo are brighter than the textbook, Cannonball Adderley recording.

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