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R.L. Walker – 3rd time’s the Charm

3rd Time's the CharmR.L. Walker releases his third musical offering, 3rd time’s the Charm (appropriately named), a collection of 9 soulfully spirited tracks ranging from slow seductive ballads to rhythm pumping grooves. “I really sat back and listened to many dynamic performers such as Walter Beasley, Boney James, Najee and so on while creating this CD” states R.L, “It is not my intent to copy nor mimic their incredible talents but to incorporate aspects of their dynamic personas to help develop my sax voice.” R.L. truly delivers on the commitment with his latest CD. Fans will definitely notice a distinct however smoothly subtle change in R.L.’s playing, presenting full-bodied alto-sax rifts on tracks such as, “Stepping Out and Cubana Flow” and amazingly silky soprano interludes on, “Malibu Chaser”.

Claiming North Jersey (Rahway) as home but currently based out of the DMV (DC/Maryland/Virginia), R.L. introduced himself to the Smooth Jazz audience in 2012 releasing his debut CD “Ear Relevance” and then again in 2013 releasing his sophomore CD “Many Facet’s”, both of which have given him the bases and the drive to complete “3rd time’s the Charm”. “There is a little something for everyone on this CD” explains R.L., “I really tried to create songs intended to summon an array of sensations in listeners and I believe I’ve done that.” With the release of “3rd times the Charm”, R.L completes the hat-trick!! 3 is the magical number. Take a listen and hear for yourself. As always, R.L. concludes “Grab a glass, some wine, that special someone or good friends and enjoy!!”

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