Trinity – Sax for Christmas

Sax for ChristmasTrinity: “When life gives me lemons, I make music. I allow my soul to flow through the bell of my sax. There is nothing that can compare to the way I feel about creating music. No matter how hard it may be to achieve your dreams, if its something you truly want, only you can make it happen. I was not privileged to receive the education and training I longed for and desired, therefore I aspired to self teach. I went after what my soul hungered for. With little training, I embraced and advanced my gift. This album was created from pure determination and limited support. Even small accomplishments are huge when you don’t have everything to begin with. Never give up on the talent you were born with. It will always find you. Embrace it as I have and keep driving on no matter what. Realize its not always about money, but about accomplishments and what you have achieved. Allow following your dreams to reward you and help reach your full potential.”

Sax for Christmas is another alternative at CDBaby.

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