Frans Heemskerk – Persona

PersonaFrench Heemskerk plays with his trio, consisting of Jeroen Vierdag, Arno Nieuwenhuize and himself, the music of his new album Persona. Jazz, funk and fusion influences melt together in an exciting way in the new, contemporary compositions. Heemskerk is already 20 years active as a composer and musician. With this new album is his music available to the general public. The repertoire comes to life through the interplay of three musicians, who master their instrument completely so that every intuition can be followed and that any inspiration in music can be translated. The music of Personais a given, but is in any action in a unique way to life.

French Heemskerk made with The French Connection ‘Live At The Duke’ in 2005, his first album with his own work. He is working as musical director for Joop van den Ende’s Stage Entertainment. He also composed two musicals, he brought with lounge group “Water” 11 compositions at the Supperclub and he won a Johnny Kraaijkamp Musical Award in 2009. Jeroen Vierdag (bass) is one of the best bassists in the Netherlands. He plays in the band of Caro Emerald and Anton Goudsmit he plays in the Ploctones. Arno Nieuwenhuize (drums) played for many years with the Metropole Orchestra. He was responsible for numerous concerts and CD recordings with the greats, including Todd Rundgren and Steve Vai.

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