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Myriad3 – The Where

It’s a trio, but the music is anything but typical. Myriad3 presents The Where (Alma Records, 2014). Their debut, Tell featured the group performing in studio as if they were live. This time around, Myriad3 did a lot after the sessions, adding other instruments and doing more arranging.

The trio consists of Chris Donnelly, piano and synth; Dan Fortin, upright and electric bass, and synth; and Ernesto Cervini, drums, percussion and winds. Producer Peter Cardinali also provides horn arrangements and synths.

“First Flight” may seem disjointed at times. But it’s disjointed with a purpose. The mood shifts from brooding to playful to a sense of travel. If you’re trying to figure the time signature, good luck. It’s difficult for the average listener to lock down. Just when you think you know, it shifts. Yet it holds together well.

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