Mariea Antoinette – Straight From The Harp

SFTHHarpist Mariea Antoinette – who also plays with the all female smooth jazz band Jazz In Pink – comes up with a really nice solo album featuring her harp playing and a bunch of great songs entitled Straight From The Harp. The magical sound of the harp makes it’s way to the funk side of jazz. Straight From The Harp is a ground breaking CD with top notch musicians.

“I am committed to breaking the boundaries of the harp where its a lead instrument front and center”. She studied classical music at the University of Arizona Tucson, raised on Gospel, Soul and R&B music. Her stunning solo concert performances and recording career has established her as being one of the most exciting and gifted harpist today. When on stage performing a special kind of magic is experienced by everyone. Now get a taste at CDBaby.

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