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David McLorren – Reesonz

ReesonzReesonz? you might ask.. Well we all have reasons for what we ultimately are… Reesonz packs an eclectic mix of sounds and styles which you general find David’s music, yet never predictable. It’s a story telling opportunity where your imagination is engaged to explore worlds past and future. Just a flat out fun project of confidence and reflective vibes.

Featuring production and arrangements of David McLorren, with his special Guests Trumpet Man Sam Hankins “Tremors,” Sarai Usry Stunning Vocals on “Nobody”, Demetrice Everett (drums) & Matt Wilson (guitar) “And You Will See.” A delightful montage of music taking you on a fantastic voyage, this collection of songs, will make you feel like a world/time traveler.

Ready? Then buckle up for the ride! Experience the difference, I will be your conductor, you won’t be the same. Hopefully by the end of this ride you’ll discover Reesonz in regards to your own personal journey. Relax and repeat frequently, to mediate, to dance, to have fun and/or detox from all the things to easily clutter our thoughts. Discover your Reesonz at CDBaby!