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Maysa – A Very Maysa Christmas

The world is flooded with Christmas albums. Do we need another one with the same old Christmas hymns? When Maysa is the performing artist, definitely yes. On A Very Maysa Christmas (2014) she works together with the excellent producer and keyboardist Chris “Big Dog” Davis.

Further musicians on this albums are Ace Livingston (bass), Rhon Lawrence, Wayne Bruce and Randy Boland (guitar), Thomas Dyani Akuru and Jazz Leak Akuru (percussion), Dexter Pettyway (drums), Gerald Albright (sax) and a large number of singers.

The album starts with the popular Christmas hymn Joy To The World. After an excellent intro Maysa introduces to her impressive choral arrangement. She approaches the song with a jazzy treat and a faster pace. She also gives Jingle Bells a new direction in this style.

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