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Adrian Perry – Life in Slow Motion

Life in Slow MotionLife In Slow Motion is a very personnel album to me, it looks back over a period in my life where I thought I had lost everything and nearly did! However its not a depressive album instead the songs are about growing stronger, hope, realizing what has gone before and wanting to correct the wrongs. About watching somebody grow and pick themselves up from the lowest point and come out stronger. About the hope, fears and dreams we all have inside us and lastly about love and its effect on all of us.

The album is saxophone driven but the sax shares the lime light on most tracks with jazz acoustic guitar, I have tried to avoid a bit of the syrup that is sometimes present in smooth jazz and bring a harder edge to the songs so electric guitar and piano feature strongly in the tracks. Songs have pretty melodies, strong bass lines, some dramtic piano lines and of course sweet saxophone. Try it at CDBaby.