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Michael Barone – Jazz Montage

Jazz MontageBoth retro and new, easy listening but rhythmic and lively. Themes and instrumentation invoke early Pop Jazz, late Smooth Jazz, Latin New Age Jazz, Caribbean Steel Drum Themes, New Age Orchestra and Spy Themes.

Michael Barone demonstrates his musical style, performing on piano, organ, synthesizer, classical guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, drums and percussion. “Jazz Montage was created to offer the listener an organized variety of original instrumental themes that express various rhythms and emotions”.

Many of the songs express a percussive rhythm that invites dance, particularly songs in the “Latin Contemporary” and “Caribbean Party” sections, as well as a few in the “Smooth Jazz” and “Blues Band” sections. The balance of simplicity and complexity is intended to accommodate a wide range of listeners, most notably Smooth Jazz, Contemporary Jazz, and New Age enthusiasts.

The “New Age Cinema” and “Spy Themes” sections are intended to take the listener into a journey of evolving emotions, dramatics and the unexpected.

The songs are categorized in sequence as follows:
Smooth Jazz – tracks 1 to 8
Blues Band – tracks 9 to 11
Latin Contemporary – tracks 12 to 15
Caribbean Party – tracks 16 to 18
New Age Cinema – tracks 19 to 22
Spy Themes – tracks 23 to 25

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