Eric Marner – No, I’m Different

No, I'm DifferentNo, I’m Different, the third project, by saxophonist Eric Marner is an innovative blend of modern R&B, Hip Hop style production coupled with the full musical integrity of Jazz. From the downbeat, every track draws you in with its organic grooves and its masterful, unprecedented production in the realm of Jazz, Smooth Jazz, or Instrumental R&B; there is nothing like No, ID.

If you’re looking for easy listening music, this is not it! This saxophone and vocal driven cd is an energetic explosion of sound, like no other, which makes it too difficult to categorize. It should be put on the shelf of Imperfect Competition! No, I’m Different blurs the lines between Jazz, Smooth Jazz, and Hip Hop. You find this album under Jazz-Funk at CDBaby.

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