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Clinton Fortson – Tonal Vizion

Tonal VizionThis music is an expression of my experiences beginning at the age of seven when I took the “dreaded” piano lessons under duress. Forced to take lessons, I hated piano until my mother allowed me to withdraw. I regained interest in music at age fifteen when I was so impressed with my friend’s father who played classical guitar- that I begged him to teach me. I quickly learned how to play guitar plucking with all my fingers. I then learned to play cello and saxophone/flute.

In my late teens I started playing with a latin (afro-cuban) band and then “re-acquired” an interest in piano, timbales and latin percussion instruments. I then played keyboards, bass, and flute with an R&B funk band. I have always liked the power of brass/strings in combination with a surging bass line and heavy bass drum. So, EWF, Chicago, Brass Construction were influential in my musical growth. I somehow retained a love for classical music and it can be detected in some of my arrangements.

Tonal Vizion is a hodgepodge of varietal music ranging from easy listening jazz, to soundtrack bits, classical- with rock guitar and funky bass lines/beats. There’s a brief excursion into an orchestral arrangement! Interesting melody lines and harmonies. Look for it at CDBaby.