Dirk K – It’s On

ItsOnI am exited to announce the release of my new CD on my independent label DIP Records. On my new album, Dirk K It’s On, I chose to record 5 originals and 5 covers. To pick the covers was a great adventure. The challenge was to make arrangements, which are unique and set me apart from the original.

Some of the songs I chose were not written for Jazz at all. For example: The “Lovesong” from the Cure, or Britney Spears “Toxic”. The next step involved producing. I produce music since I am 16 years old. Producing is finding the right package. For this CD, I rediscovered and utilized the famous MPC drum machine. I found one on eBay, and I actually had to go and find floppy disks.

I surrounded myself with some great talent. Music director for Diana Ross, C.C, Thomas Jr. is playing some of the fine bass lines, Deana Massaro-Williams plays cello on Toxic. Otto Ehling did a great job of playing the Rhodes and Wurlitzer parts. This CD is also the debut of my son Philip Antony on saxophone and flute. Just being 14 years old, he did an amazing job. It’s On is available at CDBaby.

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