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Crayge W. Lindesay – Just Me

JustMeSong titles were inspired as follows: “Warmup” is me just doin’ that on each instrument. If you listen closely on the beginning you can hear me tryin’ to play the guitar as a child…lol… “Llobro” is a screen name for my little brother Lloyd who is real smooth and laid back. “Bread Of Life” is a song originally written for Norman Brown but became a theme song for my pastor friend Otis Cobbins radio show. “Yammy’s G” (G is for Groove) is named after a good friend Sylvia (her nickname is Yammy Yam) kind of has her vibe.

“Daught Tenaz” after my sister Stevyn (my mother called her Stawdaught) who has always been a tenatious warrior in her beliefs and goals. “Leedee” is the nickname growin’ up of my good friend Lisa. “Biggo” is the name of my son Craig’s entertainment company who’s a true hustle in life for his family. “Yehyee’s Passion” is inspired by my big sister Leslie who told me I couldn’t pronounce her name as a kid and she has always been very fiery and passionate about things, life and people in her life.

“Tamst Meshé” inspired by my best friend DeTania Meshé (a classical violinist) who I first called Tandriod (cuz she reminded me of an android when we met) then I morphed her with a hamster creating a Tamster…lol.. “Keen” inspired by my big brother James (a nickname my mother transformed from another nickname Kippy to) who loves old school funk and to dance. “Rudy’s Room” inspired by my cousin Rudy (sax and keyboard player for The Five Scamps). “Just Me” well that’s obvious…

Just Me
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