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Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony – Let It Flow

Let It FlowThe opening track is ironically entitled “Let’s Dance” as Jason Carroll and the Smooth Jazz Symphony inform listeners that Let It Flow was made for more than simple listening pleasures. The appropriately-titled “Summer’s Groove” releases a coolness that seems fused with summer, an oxymoron it seems, adding a sensation of “chill” that would keep anyone cool on a day of blistering heat. The title track is one that suggests that the word “it” refers to the feeling of dancing, because the song will certainly get partakers on their feet.

Other selections on the album include the sensual “Take Your Time,” “Café Bella,” the Sade-infused “At Sunset,” “Downtown,” and the ever-cool “By the Shore” which features a spectacular piano solo.

There are some songs that we run across that seem to have the perfect title, and “Total Relaxation” is undoubtedly one of those songs. The track begins with the relaxing sound of crickets and frogs by a pond, no less, and eventually rises to a smooth symphonic arrangement that can only be described as total relaxation. The album concludes with “Stay Together,” a track that looks to be a perfect finisher for the album, adding wholeness and the final touch of “smooth” needed to close the album out in fashion.

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