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Gerald Albright – Slam Dunk

Gerald Albright is praised by critics to the skies for years. He has earned it through albums and performances. Compared to other saxophonists, he succeeds to keep a personal touch to the game.

Slam Dunk is Albright’s fifteens album as a leader. According to Gerald there is a difference to the predecessors꞉ “But what we wanted to do on this record was to take those instruments that are normally in the background – bass, flute and horns – and bring them up front.”

Slam Dunk is a shot in which a player thrusts the ball forcefully down through the basket. This energy puts Albright in his new album. Here are assisting him keyboardist Chris “Big Dog” Davis, drummer Jerohn Garnett, guitarist Rick Watford, and his daughter, Selina Albright, on vocals.

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