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Les Sabler – Jobim Tribute

Canadian guitarist Les Sabler has constantly build his fan community with his albums Hidden Treasure (1990), Time For Love (1994), Bridge The Gap (2003), Sweet Drive (2007) and Crescent Shores (2010).

His new album Jobim Tribute (2014) presents 12 compositions of this legendary Brazilian composer, songwriter and singer performed by Sabler on his nylon string guitar. The album offers seven vocal tunes and five instrumentals. Sabler was accompanied by keyboardist Clay Perry, acoustic bassist Byron House, Brazilian drummer-percussionist Celso Alberti and the late percussionist Joe Lala.

The project starts with a rendition of A Felicidade, a song popular by the movie Black Orpheus. A song about happiness and sadness, about the carnival and the great illusion. Corcovado is known in English as “Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars”. The song refers to the same mountain in Rio de Janeiro. A gentle bossa nova, both shining through his vocal content than the instrumental presentation.

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