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Dan Goodman – Back Story

Being a multi-instrumentalist normally is an advantage, because you can do the most of your recording work by your own. But it can also be a problem, if you use too much electronic equipment and too many instrument-samples in your work. Then the music tend to sounding synthetic, like being created on a drawing board. This -at least- applies to some of the eight tracks of Dan Goodman‘s latest release, called Back Story.

No doubt: Dan Goodman is a good and experienced musician and arranger; his solid guitar playing shows a lot of talent and the compositions are mostly coherent but the use of too many electronic samples let some songs sound like canned music.

The record starts with the up-beat AYALA COVE, a smooth jazz song with mysterious synthesizer-chords in the background and an acoustic guitar in the lead, followed by SIERRA MOON, a pleasing melody on the acoustic guitar, flavored with electronic strings and a short E-Piano-solo.

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