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Steffen Goeres – A Dozen One Afternoon

DozenIt is a tribute to Steffen´s high quality education and musicianship that these twelve songs were recorded on the nylon string guitar in just one afternoon – a “live” recording somewhat rare in studios these days, where multiple takes, overdubbing and digital remastering are commonplace. Hence the title A Dozen One Afternoon.

This purity and simplicity in the production fits well with Steffen´s style of composition. The tunes might best be described as smooth jazz, with each one arranged to combine strong melodies, beautiful harmonies and impeccable timing – all played with the warm rich tones that only the perfected classical technique produce.

The twelve songs on this album were recorded on the Nylon String Guitar – a “live” recording, somewhat rare in studios these days. The tunes might best be described as soft jazz – intelligent and sophisticated, yet entirely listenable to any audience now at CDBaby.