Incognito – Amplified Soul

I’m a big fan of Incognito. You are too right? So you know that this CD, the band’s 16th studio album celebrates the band’s 35th anniversary. Who imagined that as they held their vinyl copy of “Jazz Funk” in their hands?

So come on, let’s see how things sound in 2014… ‘Amplify my Soul (Part 1)’ is a pleading vocal intro which sets the tone for the rest of the album and that tone is emotion – it’s a technically outstanding record but it’s about moods and feelings, as Incognito records (thank God) usually are.

‘I Couldn’t Love You More’ is a mid-tempo, horn-laden vocal which is a pure delight and Bluey’s guitar solo is an exercise in good taste. ‘Rapture’ treads that same path of great lyric and strong female vocal draped over that bubbly, uplifting rhythm section. If you’re feeling good now, another strong female vocal (with a serious dose of attitude) will make you feel even better on the anthemic ‘Hands Up if You Wanna be Loved’. I have tickets to see Incognito in July 2014 and please, please, let them play this.

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