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Tim Hegarty – Tribute

Tim Hegarty has been a force on the New York scene for more than 25 years. Now, he brings a rich collection of sound with Tribute, a mix of choice standards and fresh originals.

Hegarty plays tenor and soprano saxophones. With him are Mark Sherman, vibraphone; Kenny Barron, piano; Rufus Reid, bass; and Carl Allen, drums.

“Amsterdam After Dark” is a mellow, charming piece. Reid lays down a steady groove, with Allen, Barron and Sherman doing their thing. Hegarty’s tone is rich. The entire mood of the piece prompts visual images of an evening tour of the city – the streets, the buildings, human activity. After Barron’s middle solo, Hegarty comes back with fire and passion, setting up Sherman’s turn.

“New Picture” is an upbeat waltz. Barron, Reid and Allen are in tight syncopation underneath Hegarty’s lead and Sherman’s solo. Regardless of who’s out front, each instrument comes through clearly. After Barron’s turn, Hegarty comes back with more riveting tenor. Things soften for Reid.

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