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Michael Manson – Thumpin!

ThumpinAfter 5 years of working on my love project, the Musical Arts Institute, I am finally back, to release a record that I’ve always wanted to do. My 1st live record. It features some new tracks and some reworking of some other tracks. On this recording, no special guests from my friends, but just a showcase of my band and I “getting it in”.

Most importantly and personally, for me is a tribute to my friend and mentor George Duke who I dedicate this project to. This project, along with a DVD of the same name, will be release on the NuGroove 2 label. I’m looking forward to everyone hearing this music. I believe that it will be a blessing in your life and you will get to know who Michael Manson really is.

I have enjoyed my time with all the great artists that I’ve had the opportunity to share the stage with over the years. They all have encourage me to follow this path in release this, my 4th album. I want you, you, and even you to enjoy this musical experience. Listen to the music!!!