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The Rippingtons – Fountain Of Youth

FountainFountain of Youth album for sale by Russ Freeman & The Rippingtons  is scheduled to be released Jun 10, 2014 on the Entertainment One Music label. The album was recorded mostly by Russ Freeman.

1. Spice Route
2. Rivers Of Gold
3. North Shore
4. We Will Live Forever
5. The Sun King
6. Fountain Of Youth
7. Emerald City
8. Soul Riders
9. Waterfalls Of Bequia
10. Garden Of Gods

“North Shore” will be the first single sent to radio, with the first expected air date of May 12.

Russ Freeman has called this the “Rippingtons Guitar Heaven CD.”

A full national tour is expected to be announced very soon on The first stay will be in Las Vegas.