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Bona Fide – Bona Fide

Bona Fide is a project of singer, songwriter, music producer, cook, writer, bon vivant, TV show host, screenwriter, dog lover, jolly good fellow, all-around creative guy Slim Man. The first release was Royal Function (1999), followed by The Poe House (2001) and Soul Lounge (2005).

The initiative for the fourth album came by guitarist Marc Antoine, who offered to write some songs, play guitar, and produce and mix the whole CD. The project was successfully funded via Kickstarter. Both musicians were joined by John E. Coale (drums), George Hazelrigg (piano, Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hammond B3, Moog, Clavinet), Kevin Levi (sax), Hit Man Howie Z (percussion), Geoff Hazelrigg (bass), Rick O’Rick (rhythm guitar), Paul Shilts Weimar (sax) and Greg Boyer (trombone).

Slim doesn’t sing any ballade but plays bass. Bona Fide is an instrumental only project. His passion for cooking Italian cuisine comes in the first piece to fruition. Delizioso is the Italian word for delicious. Anyone who has a passion for Acid Jazz will love this piece, which offers a great range of vintage keyboard instruments all packed into a flaming rhythm.

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