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Sonido – Camino De Los Sueños

Sonido is a band from Los Angeles, which was formed by Multi-Instrumentalist Arie Salma and guitarist Rob Math in 2012. Their musical style combines classic Flamenco with Salsa, Jazz- and Pop-Styles.

For Multi-Talented Composer / Pianist / Producer Arie Salma, Music starts with melody: “If you can’t appreciate the song by listening to it played merely on the guitar or the piano, something in the composition must be missing.”

The first track My Star just underlines Arie’s musical credo. It takes the listener into the folkloristic world of Spain: A catchy melody played by a Flamenco guitar, percussions, and castanets, followed by The Spring, which musically may describe the beauty of a Spanish night in Spring with all its flavors.

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