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Juls K – By Inspiration Only

By Inspiration OnlyJuls K began playing drums at 6 and piano at 9. While taking piano lessons, he realized he had the ability to play almost any song he heard, as well as compose original songs. People seemed to really enjoy his music, and would frequently ask if they could have recordings of it. Being so young and without the proper resources, he could not oblige; but he just kept playing and composing whenever there was opportunity. As the years progressed, so did his skill and passion for music. Everywhere he played, people would tell him what a blessing his music was to them.

He began to realize the impact music had on its listeners, and was grateful to have been blessed with such a gift. He didn’t take it for granted at all, and worked hard to create the best project he could. This is his debut project, and took 14 years to complete. Yes, that’s quite a long time, but that’s because he has always prioritized God and his family above his dream. Appropriately, God and his family are the inspirations behind every composition. The dream is now coming to fruition, and the world will finally be blessed by the music of Juls K.

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