Greg Witt – Jazz Blues

Jazz BluesGreg Witt‘s style on his album “Jazz Blues” reflects the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, the ‘Jazz’ and the ‘Blues’. “Although my form echoes the jazz standards from the past, it always melds the grooves of modern ‘rock’ & ‘blues’. On tracks like “A Street” and “Just Groovin”, you can hear his ‘rock’ influence. Tunes like “Jazz Blues” , “Diamond Lil”, and “Cookin!” really capture the swing sound of the big band era. “You can also hear my Texas swingin’ blues style on those tracts. Stevie Ray Vaughan was a huge influence of mine”. The tract “Blue Valentine” is an up-tempo ballad with Beatles like changes and a style not unlike George Benson.

Jazz, Blues, old or new, Greg Witt’s CD “Jazz Blues” is a hit! We found this album under Smooth Jazz at CDBaby.

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