Craig T. Cooper – Purpose

Purpose“The Reds” is the only suitable phrase for the smooth, sensuous style of guitar playing that Craig T. Cooper has mastered. Not all blues, not all jazz, Craig T. is the “The Uncola of Jazz” and just plain “Funky-Sexy” Craig T. Cooper is a recording artist, producer, songwriter, arranger, M.D., sound engineer, programmer, mix and re-mix master, owner of CRAIGLAND Studios, LA and an all around damn good musician. His credits are endless and his experience is invaluable.

He started his solo career with the album Got That Thang (1990) followed by Craig T. Copper Project (1989), Darkm’n (1993), Touch Tone (1995), A Romantic Letter (1996), Caught Up In A Moment (1999), Hour Glass (2006) and his side project with Denise Stewart Decide On Me (2001). She took part in his musical success as the female singer on many of his albums. Next album was Nasty Man (2011) after a long hiatus.

Now available on his website his new album Purpose. Check it out!

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