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Sonya Robinson – Whistle

A lovely front porch photo is the cover for Sonya Robinson’s Whistle (2013). It shows the artist holding her violin, a cello propped against the wall and a child’s bicycle. It’s a visual appetizer for the audible main course.

Whistle is described as “one of those” jazz string albums that takes years from concept to completion. It’s a tribute album dedicated to the memory of Robinson’s mother.

Robinson plays violin and viola, plus triangle on “Carib-bean.” Other personnel are Manuel Valera, piano and keyboards on all but two tracks; Axel Tosca, piano and keyboards on “I Want to Know”; Monte Croft, Fender Rhodes on “The World Is a Ghetto”; John Benitez, electric bass on all but “The World Is a Ghetto”; Paul Ramsey, electric bass on “The World Is a Ghetto”; Jay Rodriguez, flute on “Circle”; Kahlil Kwame Bell, percussion on all but “Circle,” and drums on “The World Is a Ghetto”; Francis Benitez, drums on all but “The World Is a Ghetto,” percussion on two other tracks; Eric Person, alto saxophone and flute; Vinny Valentino, electric and acoustic guitars.

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