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Randy Thorderson – Jabbertalky

JabbertalkyRandy longed to make music, particularly in the recording studio. He dreamed of somehow getting into a recording studio, any recording studio, and capturing his ideas. He attended BYU on a music scholarship and studied Studio Recording and Composition. He took to the studio like a duck to water. He developed his skills first as an Recording Engineer, then as a Producer, and eventually as a Composer/Arranger. Without a doubt, one of his favorite activities is to help new Artists feel the joys of hearing their music professionally produced for the first time.

Randy took a long break from his own music, and helped other artists realize their music dreams. But in 2012, Randy decided it was time to do another CD along with re-releasing the original “Smile for Me” CD. The new CD seemed to take forever, as Randy struggled to find time to work on it. But he finally finished in November 2013. Randy tried some new music approaches while staying true to the styles and sounds that his fans enjoyed on “Smile for Me”.

Randy is very excited to present for your listening pleasure Jabbertalky. A little funk, a little blues, a little fun, a little relaxation…all with the heart and soul of a musician who loves share a little of his world with you. Don’t miss this album at CDBaby.